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The Science of Genes and Diet

Exclusive to Darwin Dietitians for the Northern Territory

DNA is packaged into Chromosomes, Chromosomes carry Genes and Genes are what makes us all unique. Darwin Dietitians is now able to offer our clients the wonderful new technology of Nutrigenetics. It is a completely non-invasive test performed in our Darwin Private Hospital Clinic requiring only a simple swab of the inside of your cheek to gather your DNA.

In consultation with our dietitian, it is now possible for you to receive specific dietary recommendations based on your genetic makeup, in order to help you stay healthier for longer. These recommendations are based on you and you alone. No more “one size fits all” information. Genetic testing can help you make more informed decisions about your health and nutrition and give you a certainty that diets and bloods tests can’t.

Nutrigenetics uses a persons’ unique genetic information to reveal their risk of disease and is used to develop individualised eating plans to lower disease risk and improve health.

The link between diet and diseases has been known for some time. For example eating too much saturated fat can lead to heart disease. But now new technologies are allowing us to find out more about why and how this happens by looking closely at individual genetic make-up.

Interesting Facts about DNA

Scientific research has shown that around 66% of an individual’s overall exercise and sporting performance is explained by their genes

  • Human beings differ only in 0.1% of their genetic material — the other 99.9% is identical.
  • Almost all the cells in your body have DNA, except red blood cells.
  • It takes about eight hours for one of your cells to completely copy its DNA.
  • If the human genome was a book, it would be the equivalent of 800 dictionaries.
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