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Genetic Testing for Weight Loss

More than just eating too much and not exercising enough

Genetics for weight lossThere are several factors that can contribute to you being overweight or obese and a major factor is your genetic makeup. Undertaking a Genetic Test with Darwin Dietitians will identify gene mutation and help you make informed decisions about managing your health care based on your DNA. It is a non-invasive, cheek cell DNA test that is quick and painless.

When you eat food that your body is unable to process efficiently it results in an elevation of inflammatory markers (metaflammation) which is known to cause weight gain. Darwin Dietitians Genetic Testing will analyse 26 different genes associated with food metabolism and give you the answers to make appropriate food choices for your body. Studies have showed statistically significant greater weight loss and metabolic benefit when compared to individuals on diets not matched to their genotype and we are confident at Darwin Dietitians that we can get the same results for you.

Who are these tests best suited for? Anybody who:

Has previously had difficulty losing weight
Wants to lose weight in a healthy way that suits their individual needs and focuses on fat loss rather than just weight loss.
Is interested in keeping to a healthy weight.
Wants to improve their diet so it is as healthy as possible for their needs.
Has a personal or family history of high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart and blood vessel disease or diabetes.
Wants to help prevent lifestyle diseases that result from unhealthy eating patterns or being overweight.

Elements of the Test:

Carbohydrate metabolism
Lipid (fat) metabolism
Folate metabolism
Caffeine metabolism
Appetite control
Bitter taste perception

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